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Jim Kautt from Texas, USA
Jim has been working as a pastor in Tuebingen since June 1999. Naomi, Jim's wife, joined Jim after their marriage in 2000. Jim has a Ph.D in Theology.

Our Faith upholds

  1. The Bible as the only authority in the church.

  2. The joy of Christian fellowship with different Christian churches.

  3. The essence of the Christian faith according to the New Testament.

  4. Baptism by immersion of believers for the forgiveness of sins and the promise of the resurrection

  5. After the pattern of worship of the early Church, celebrating the Lord's Supper every Sunday which every Christian may participate in, regardless of church background.

  6. Calling ourselves by no other name except the name Christian. We share the motto used by many early Christian churches: We're not the only Christians, but simply Christians only.

  7. The autonomy (self-governing) of local church congregations


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