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Join us every Sunday at 10 AM!
--German Bible study every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM
--English Bible study every Sunday night at 7:30 PM
--Chinese Bible study every 2nd week (stop by the
church for details-next meeting on February 22nd, at 7:30 PM)

--Israel Night lecture on Tuesday, March 19th, by Deborah Haupt from Berlin, working among Jews and Israelis

-Sunday Night Fellowship on April 14th at 7:30 PM!  Come and join us!

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Vortragabend-Arbeit unter Juden und Israelis in Berlin-Deborah Haupt-19. März 2019

Lieber Freunde,

wir laden euch herzlich am Dienstag Abend, den 19. März (gleich heute!) zu einem interessanten Vortragsabend von Deborah Haupt (Sommer) aus Berlin ein, die uns über ihre Mission unter Juden und Israelis dort berichtet.  Ihr Vortrag über „Brauchen Juden Jesus?  Warum gibt es messianische Juden?“ beginnt heute Abend in der Mohlstraße 26 (International Christian Church) um 19.30 Uhr.  Anschließend genießen wir Getränke und Knabberzeug.   Wir freuen uns sehr, wenn ihr alle gerne kommt und wir denken, dass es für euch alle auch spannend sein könnte! 

Liebe Grüße und bis bald! 

Jim und Naomi Kautt


Special Lecture on Outreach to Jews and Israelis in Berlin-Tuesday, March 19th

Dear friends of the International Christian Church (ICC),

We would like to cordially invite you all to a special lecture on Tuesday evening, March 19th (this evening!) by Deborah Haupt of Berlin, who will tell us about her mission to Jews and Israelis there. Her lecture on “Do Jews Need Jesus?  Why There Are Messianic Jews” begins at 7:30 PM.  Afterwards we’ll enjoy drinks + snacks together. Join us at the International Christian Church on Mohlstraße 26 this evening for this exciting lecture! 

We hope many of you can join us!

See you soon,

Jim and Naomi Kautt for the International Christian Church (ICC)


Sunday Night Fellowship-Love Yourself? 

At the end of the semester, it's now time to relax a little and take care of yourself after exams. February is also good time to talk about love and this time we'd like to reflect on the topic of "self-love". So, come and join us this Sunday evening, February 10th, at 7:30 PM, at Mohlstraße 26, singing together modern worship songs, hearing a short, inspiring video clip and special song, then a challenging message on “Love Yourself?”.


Coming Christmas Events

Dear friends,

There's a lot to do these weeks before the holidays come soon.  Still, we hope that we can hear and sing about Christmas in these days and, in the end, celebrate it together again. 

Next Tuesday evening (December 18th) we invite you all warmly to the Christmas movie "The Nativity Story", a beautiful movie about the Christmas story in the Bible.  We'll get started at 7:30 PM at Mohlstrasse 26 (International Christian Church) and will be showing the movie (probably) in English with German subtitles (or vice versa).  The movie lasts 97 minutes and we'll be offering you drinks and snacks with it.  So, we hope you can come and bring your friends with you as well! 

For our Thursday Christmas Carol singing event (December 20th), join us at 7:30 PM at Mohlstraße 26. 

Last, but, not least, Christmas Eve (December 24th) finally comes on a Monday and we'd like to celebrate it with you all with a Christmas service beginning at 5:00 PM also at Mohlstr. 26 (International Christian Church).  Of course, many of you may not still be in Tuebingen, but we hope that we can still see some of you as well as newly invited guests and your acquaintances and friends that evening.  After the service we'll enjoy a big Christmas buffet with lots of delicious food (potlock, we would be grateful if you could also bring a small dish as well!).  After the meal we'll play some Christmas games together and, . . . at the end, we’ll play "Christmas Bingo" and there'll be presents for all!  Let us know via e-mail if you are coming so we can plan ahead!  Thanks so much! 

We hope many of you can come to some of these events and that we may have joy together again with you all at Christmas!  

We wish you all a blessed Advent and joyous weeks before Christmas!  See you soon! 

Jim Kautt, International Christian Church  


Heaven On Earth-Sunday Night Fellowship on December 9th

Dear International Fellowship friends and newcomers to Tuebingen,

We hope that you all are doing well on these now colder days before Christmas!  Christmas is coming soon!  Are you ready for it?  What are we celebrating in Christmas?  “Heaven On Earth”, the coming of Jesus, God’s Son to earth as a tiny baby to save us from our separation from God and to discover God’s love for us!  This is an exciting thing, but, after a busy week with lots to do before the holiday, we also hope you have time to reflect on this and celebrate it with us next Sunday night, December 9th, at Sunday Night Fellowship.  We’ll get started at 7:30 PM. So, come and join us this Sunday evening singing together modern worship songs and traditional Christmas carols in English, hearing a short, but inspiring life story of an international student, then a challenging message on “Heaven On Earth” at the International Christian Church, Mohlstraße 26.
We'll enjoy delicious snacks afterwards! Come and bring a friend or someone new! Don't miss it!

Have a great week!  See you soon!

Warmly yours,

Jim and Naomi Kautt, International Christian Church