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Join us every Sunday at 10 AM!
--German bible study every Tues night at 7:30 PM
--English bible study every Sun night at 7:30 PM
--Chinese bible study every 2nd week (stop by the
church for details)

Upcoming special events 
--Oct 31st, 2017 - Reformation Day - special Tues night service at 7:30 PM 
--Nov 19/20th, 2017 - Special Sunday Night Worship in English 

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Join us Oct 19 & 20th for Discover German Culture!

The SMD Tuebingen is holding two Discover German Culture evening events.  We are happy to be hosting both events.  Stop by at 6:30 PM on both nights - it will be great!




If you are new to Tuebingen in 2017 - WELCOME! 


If you are new to Tuebingen this semester - join us.  You will find an exciting group of Christ followers here at the International Church.  We look forward to seeing you.  Don't be shy - we speak all sorts of languages.  If you are more comfortable in English, Chinese or whatever I'm pretty sure you will find some who speaks your language.  

See you soon!



Baptism Sunday, Sept 10th

We will be holding a special baptism service on Sunday, Sept. 10th.  Join us as we celebrate on this day.  


International outing, August - Woltersdorf, Germany

There will be an International outing August 19 - 26 in Woltersdorf, Germany.  If you want to sign-up, go to this link  It will be a great event, please join us!  


Special English Sunday Night Worship on July 17th! 

Hello!  Join us this month for our Special Sunday Night Worship in English.  We will start at 7:30 PM.  The sermon will be on Radical Grace and we will have a special guest speaker.  Please join us!